Role & Mission


The Importers/Distributors constitute a precious and critical link between Lebanon and the global pharmaceutical industry, whether their production is innovative and research-based (R&D), or limited to Generics that are legally copied from the originals.

On behalf of the pharmaceutical industry, the Importers/Distributors have responsibility for the quality and prices of their imported drugs. They will always seek to make available to Lebanese Patients and the Lebanese Medical Community the most advanced Medicines.

The responsibility and continuity factors are an essential part of the Importers/Distributors’ role. Committed as they are to their principals, Patients, health-care professionals and the local authorities, they ensure a consistent and sustainable market supply.



Product Exclusivity in the pharmaceutical sector is not a privilege without consequence for an Importer/Distributor. On behalf of the companies they represent, it comes with an obligation to take unbroken responsibility for the quality of imported pharmaceuticals from the producer to the citizen.



Complex and fast-moving issues within the Pharmaceutical Sector need to be dealt with responsibly by all concerned parties in the private and public sectors. A regular update of regulations is required to accompany the important and fast developments of the Industry and to ensure reliable quality and supply of pharmaceuticals at fair prices.