Foundation - Objectives

The Lebanese Pharmaceutical Importers Association (LPIA) was founded on March 3rd 1948, as per the decision of the Minister of National Economy and Social Affairs, Sleiman Naufal, No. 5638. LPIA founders were Messrs Jean Fattal, Abdel Rahman Fakhoury, Edmond Ghorayeb, Salah Tabbara.

The successive LPIA presidents were Messrs Jean Fattal (1948 - 1960), Georges Abou Adal (1960 - 1964), Cesar Chalhoub (1964 - 1967), Joseph Ghorayeb (1967 - 1988),  Armand Phares (1988 to-date).

Since its foundation, LPIA main objectives have been:

  • To establish and update the Practice rules of the pharmaceutical importers/distributors profession.
  • To urge Members to take full responsibility of their dealings with society and its citizens, according to fully transparent rules.
  • To highlight the important role of the pharmaceutical importers to supply the Lebanese market with pharmaceuticals of unquestionable quality at regulated and reasonable prices, insuring the public interest.


LPIA Board comprises of eight members, being partners or top executives of pharmaceutical establishments, members of the LPIA, elected by the General Assembly for a period of four years and able to be re-elected for an unlimited number of terms.


As of 15th February 2018, LPIA Board consists of the following:

Armand Pharès President
Adnan Dandan Vice President
Zafer Chaoui Secretary General
M. Marwan Hakim Treasurer
Eliane Mecattaf Adviser
Selim Ghorayeb Adviser
Bertrand Fattal Adviser
Walid Mroueh Adviser